The workshop “Reporting on the MDGs” was arranged in Honiara, Solomon Islands. The purpose of the workshop was to increase the awareness and visibility of the MDGs in the Solomon media.

The workshop was a joint UN effort between UNDP Honiara, UN Millennium Campaign, UNICEF, WHO and UNIFEM. The workshop focused on the current situation of the MDGs in Solomon Islands, and particularly on the goals concerning education, health and gender. About 40 persons attended the workshop, including journalists and editors from the national broadcasters and newspapers; representatives from the National Youth Congress and communication staff from the government as well as several NGOs. Director of the Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI), George Hemming, was also an active partner during the workshop.

In her opening speech, Officer-in-Charge of UNDP Honiara, Shabnam Mallick, emphasized why it is so important to advocate for the MDGs.

“We are promoting the Millennium Development Goals because they are extremely important. Achieving the goals will save millions of human lives; hundreds of millions will be lifted out of poverty; hundreds of millions will have access to clean water; millions of children will survive their first five years and grow up; millions of mothers will survive giving birth to a new child; and millions of girls and women will get the same opportunities as men.”

The workshop was facilitated by the UNDP Sub-Office in Solomon Islands together with the UN Millennium Campaign (UNMC). A main goal was to advocate on the MDGs and how these development goals can be used as a platform for the election process in Solomon Islands. The workshop also aimed to bring more MDG awareness among ordinary citizens of Solomon Islands and hopefully to put the MDGs higher on the political agenda through broader media coverage.

In addition to this, the workshop serves as a timely reminder to the Solomon Islands’ media to focus on the MDGs as world leaders prepare to attend the UN MDG+10 Summit and to review their progress over the last 10 years.

The UN MDG+10 Summit takes place from 20-22 September in New York.

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