Participants at the RMI Water Security Project Inception workshop in Majuro.


The UN Development Programme is supporting the Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) to implement a water security project that will significantly build resilience capacity from disaster and climate-induced drought impacts on water resources.

The RMI Water Security Addressing Climate Vulnerability in the Water Sector (ACWA) Project is an important development intervention to enhance the ability of the Marshallese to adapt to increase climate risks, particularly extreme droughts events and stormwater inundation by:

i)  improving household and community rainwater harvesting and storage structures;

ii)  secure groundwater resources from contamination; and

iii)  strengthening technical capacities of national and sub-national institutions and key stakeholders.

It will address the vast water challenges associated with climate change impacts and sea level rise, affecting the ability of Marshallese to have access to wholesome and adequate water supply year-round.

The project conducted its inception workshop at the International Conference Center (ICC) in Majuro on the 27 – 28 January 2021. The workshop is an important first milestone to kick start the project to allow stakeholders to understand and take ownership of the project’s goals and objectives, define roles and responsibilities and start working together to implement this project.

“As with many small island developing states, we, the Republic of the Marshall Islands have been facing worsening droughts, and coastal inundation which can contaminate groundwater resources, resulting in water shortages that have significant economic, social and well-being impacts on our communities. That is why we are eager to address the issue of water security in close cooperation with the international community, to protect our lives from the adverse impact of climate change and to strengthen our adaptive capacity to climate change induced drought,” said Hon. Christopher Loeak, Minister of Environment, Government of Rep. of Marshall Islands.

The project will be implemented in 92 rural communities in 24 islands within a period of seven years (2020-2027). It will ensure that ample supply of water is available at a rate of 20 litres per capita per day year-round including during drought periods. 

“This project becomes ever more important in this new era with COVID-19. The impacts of COVID-19 are profound, affecting the wellbeing and livelihood of our people in all aspects be social, economic and environmental. Sustainable water resource management and development is fundamental to ensure preventable measure for proper hygiene and drinking purposes,” said Levan Bouadze, UNDP Resident Representative, UNDP Pacific Office.

The project has a total funding support of $24,747,308 from the Global Climate Fund (GCF) and the Government of RMI, and through the leadership of the Climate Change Directorate which is also the National Designated Authority (NDA) and the RMI Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and UNDP.


For more information, please contact:

Mr. Koji Kumamaru, Project Manager, ACWA Project, UNDP Pacific Office in Fiji

Level 7, Kadavu House, 414 Victoria Parade, Suva, Fiji, Email:

Tel: +679 3312500


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