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Budget Briefing Workshop for Civil Society Organisations

As the COVID-19 pandemic drives profound societal and organizational shifts throughout the world, the unprecedented crisis also places greater responsibility for all institutions working in the…  

Sports for human rights and access to justice in response to COVID-19 and combating sexual gender-based violence

Rugby is a common thread that has helped propel unity in the face of adversity. Over the past years, it has proven symbolic in unifying the people of Fiji. Your participation in today’s event is a…  

Signing Ceremony: Fiji Police Force Support Project

This project has been developed with guidance from the strategic vision and mission of the Fiji Police Force and the Fiji Five-Year & Twenty-Year National Development Plan: Transforming Fiji. It seeks…  

UNDP Access to Justice Study for Solomon Islands launch and opening of the Disability Sector Collaboration workshop

The study revealed that people with disabilities are more pessimistic about justice services overall and reported low levels of awareness and accessibility to different justice institutions.  

Women in Leadership in the Fiji Police Force

Advancing women in the ranks of public administration is an important gender equality goal to ensure that a wide range of perspectives are brought to bear on policy making and service delivery.  

Pacific Regional Legal Aid Conference

Because at UNDP we view legal aid as an essential service – a critical part of ensuring that everyone, even those in the most remote communities, those with the biggest challenges in access, can…  

SDG+ Youth Social Entrepreneurs Pitching Event as part of Youth Feast 2019

The main goal is to harness the talent and the skills of our young entrepreneurs and leaders to deliver on the development outcomes mainly the 17 Sustainable Development Goals commonly known as the…  

Launch of the Fiji Police Academy Curricula

At the outset, I would like to congratulate all involved in the various consultations and workshops that have taken place over the past two weeks – including weekends! – your determination and work…  

Fiji National Poverty Forum

Alleviating poverty, hardship, and deprivation- and ensuring that the benefits of progress reach everybody in Fiji- could not be more important. And the challenges involved in realising that vision…  

Launch of the Judicial Department Strategic Plan 2019-2023

The Strategic Plan is a demonstration of Fiji’s and the Judicial Department’s commitment to the improvement of access to justice for all Fijians and particularly vulnerable or marginalized groups.  

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