Access to Justice Study Report for Solomon Islands

03 Sep 2019


The Solomon Islands Access to Justice Study Final Report is the culmination of a 6-month study on context, barriers and challenges to the resolution of disputes and justice problems in the Solomon Islands.

The study examines the following justice issues:

  • Justice needs and behaviours, by geographical location, gender and other factors
  • Perceptions of justice and fulfilment of their justice needs, or lack thereof 
  • Existing mechanisms available to meet people’s justice needs – formal and informal
  • Gaps in the availability and operation of justice mechanisms 
  • Barriers in accessing justice and meeting their justice needs, with a focus on vulnerable populations (women, youth, people with disabilities) 
  • Experiences in using the justice system – “justice stories” 
  • Costs of providing justice services in Solomon Islands and the opportunity cost for its citizens of justice delayed/foregone -- how  much is spent and what are the gaps and costs to meet the identified demands?
  • Efficiencies and inefficiencies of current institutional practices and systems.

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