Support to Disaster Recovery Efforts

09 Sep 2013


·   First time that Cash-for-Work (CFW) implemented in Fiji.

·   1,209 Recipients of Cash-for-Work programme (74% women).

·   20-Day work generated for 343 individuals in Rakiraki and 10-Day work generated for 865 individuals in Nadi.

·   168 participants (68% Women)  received Agriculture training and 177 participants (84% Women) received financial literacy training.

·   14 communities out of 29 communities established a small-scale community oriented farming ventures after the programme.

·   Five out of 14 communities initiated recovery activities on their own in response to the Cyclone Evan which struck Fiji in December 2012.

·   26 CFW beneficiaries (including 24 women) started a small-scale enterprise by accessing small loans (FJD$150-500) provided from an NGO; 

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